Professional 4 PCS Disposable Pedicure Kit for Nail Salon in Bulk

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4 in 1 pedicure set including:
1 * Pumice pad (9*4.5*1.2cm)
1 * Nail file (12.7*1.5*0.2cm, 80/100 Grit)
1 * 2 way buffer (7.5*3.5*1cm)
1 * Wooden stick (10cm)

Customer Reviews

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I am surprised they're so cheap because they are STURDY.

Used one on myself to test it out to make sure they were good and I ended up using it to help remove polygel nails (with the use of an efile) and then did a set of dip powder nails and used only this (no efile) and it held up so good I can still use it again. Which means I can save these for my repeat customers, I just put it in it's bag and seal it up and write their name on it. These are way sturdier than I was expecting!

Brittany G.
Perfect for the salon! GOOD SIZE/QUALITY.

These are more for nail enhancement And manicures . The ones for manicures usually have tiny little flimsy Emery boards for the natural nail free edge. These have actual nail files that are thick and perfect for shaping and removing bulk or for manicures! The buffers are a really good size to really get to buff the entire nail even if it's an extra long nail enhancement. These are perfect for smoothing the nail along the cuticle to really taper it in for a natural look. I expected a cheap manicure kit and I recieved a high quality manicure kit instead!!!

Kim Huynh Ngo
Great quality

Perfect product

Nhu Vu

Great price and good quality!

trinh ngo

Good quality