(2 PCS) Pumice Stone Toilet Bar Cleaner with Handle for Remove the Stubborn Hard Water Ring



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  • Made of 100% pumice, works great for cleaning hard water stains, ring, lime, scale and carbon easily and quickly.
  • Much denser than gray pumice stone, lasts longer, sturdy, fine grit. Works when the strongest chemicals quit.
  • With a durable handle and suitable shape, you can keep your hands clean and clean the corners of toilet bowl easily.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I had a bad stain on the rim of my toilet bowl, & everything I used didn’t work at all.
I was watching a tv programme called This Morning, & it showed the Pumice stone, & I decided to try it.
The very first time I used it, it removed about 99.5% of the stain!
I was stunned! I couldn’t believe how fast it worked!
I will always recommend this this product
I haven’t finished using the first stone yet,
But I will definitely get another pack (when I need it).

Horasha Green
Toilet bar cleaner

It works magic I’ve tried other stuff and they didn’

Lynda Harvey
wow! so pleased with this

Service on the TV program as a "handy hint: and it really works! I've never had such a clean toilet lol

Pat Robbens
Toilet cleaner

It’s fantastic! I had a really bad stain at the top of the bowl, & nothing removed it.
After seeing the Pumice stone on a tv program called This Morning,
I decided to try it, & it worked the first time!
Well worth the money!