Pumice Sponge for Feet, Ultimate Pedicure Stone Callus Remover & Foot Scrubber



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For Soft, Smooth Feet: Professional foot pumice sponge to remove calluses and corn dead skin for soft, healthy, smooth feets and heels, as well as hands and elbows.

Superior to Stone: Unlike pumice stones, glass stones, our custom synthetic pumice sponge boasts a uniform structure for consistent effectiveness in removing dirt and tough calluses.

Ideal Gift Set: Individually wrapped for best foot pedi gift, best pedicure treatment to calloused feet, heels and hands.

Pedicure Feet At Home: Save both time and money, enjoy your foot spa-like experience at home by using Maryton pumice sponge.

Customer Reviews

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treat your feet

works great! I use hair conditioner on my feet and this pumice stone. BABY FEET AT LAST

Note: I've always had cracked feet. It didn't matter how many times I went to get pedis or what lotions I put on my feet.
I took some regular conditioner and rubbed it on my feet and then placed each foot in a plastic bag ( Walmart,kroger etc ) WAIT 20 mins and then go to town on your feet with the Pumice stone. I did this in my living room.

Great for scrubbing your causes!

Love these for scrubbing my caluses away!